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Contact me for a free phone consultation. Let me assist you with your case evaluation.   As a result of my experience in law enforcement in the State of New Jersey and with police policies, practices and procedures I gained extensive personal familiarity with proper methods of police officer training, appropriate methods of implementing policies and procedures to direct and guide individual officers in the effective performance of their duties 


I am currently employed as an independent consultant and expert witness in police misconduct litigation. In this capacity, as well as my previous employment with the New Jersey State Police, I have reviewed numerous cases involving alleged police misconduct, both for plaintiffs’ and defendants’ counsel. In such cases, I have evaluated various factors in order to determine if the conduct of law enforcement personnel or agencies involved in the case violated legal, ethical or constitutional standards of conduct. Those factors include but are not limited to: the conduct of individual law enforcement officers, the adequacy of the training and supervision received by such officers, and the adequacy and appropriateness of police department policies and procedures.

About Mickie McComb

Retired New Jersey State Trooper Sergeant First Class with 25 years of experience including Office Of Professional Standards, and academy instructor. Extensive experience in law enforcement training. firearms, self-defense, edged weapons, less than lethal, use of force, baton, court testimony,  and police practices and procedures.

Expert Witness Categories:

Use of Force, Deadly Force, Self-Defense,  Firearms,  Law Enforcement Training, Police Practices and Procedures.  Mickie was the lead defensive tactics instructor  and the assistant unit head of the New Jersey State Police Firearms & Self-Defense Training Unit. 

Mickie is a graduate of Seton Hall University and obtained his Masters of Science Degree from Saint Joseph's University in Criminal Justice.

Mickie has served as a  Police Liability Expert Witness since 2013.

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